Keynote Speaker I 


Prof. Ian Robert McAndrew

Capitol Technology University, Maryland, USA

Title: Aviation Cybersecurity Issues for Unmanned Vehicles to fly Beyond the Visual Line of Sight


Aviation is now remote in real terms with unmanned vehicles in the air, land and sea. It is now more critical that the Cybersecurity issues have implications for safety, reliability and efficient operations. This research discusses how and why data transfer within these vehicles and with those around now with ever more invasive hacking what practical solutions are available for all ends of the economic market. In particular, the advancements in cyber programming that can be integrated to ensure unmanned vehicles are safe from external hacking. This one issue is the single most items needing solutions before legislation will support their use beyond the visual line of sight.


Prof. Ian R. McAndrew PhD is a Mechanical Engineer that has worked in education for over 27 years. His teaching and research has been globally, starting in London and now with Capitol Technology University where he is the Dean of Doctoral Programs. He has taught in over 20 countries and published with many academics from all over the world. He has 6 degrees, also a qualified Electrical Engineer and FRAeS. He has supervised over 50 PhDs and has almost 60 peer reviewed publications. His current research is in aerodynamics and low speed flight. He is a keen supporter of conferences as this is where junior researchers can develop their skills for a life in research. He is frequently invited to deliver Keynote speeches and is the Chair of several International Conferences. Additionally, he is the editor or assistant editor in chief of several International Journals.

Keynote Speaker II 


Assoc. Prof. Tingting Zhang

University of Virginia, USA

Title: Pending




Tingting Zhang now is an associate professor of Stactics at University of Virginia, USA. She obtained her PhD from Harvard University. Her research focus on Statistics and Probability. The research interests are Bayesian Statistics, Neuroimaging Data Analysis, Computational Neuroscience.