SIUSAI 2021 was held online via Webex Meeting successfully during April 19-21, 2021. 

Keynote Session:

Dr. Shengbo Eben LI——Tsinghua University, China

"Apply Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Vehicle Design"


Prof. David A. Pelta——University of Granada,Spain

"Artificial Intelligence for the people"


Oral Session:





Best Poster:

Xiangquan Tan, Shuliang Zhang, Qingwen Wu——University of Chinese Academy of Science,

"Research on Omnidirectional Indoor Mobile Robot System Based on Multi-sensor Fusion"

Best Student Paper:

Yuma Uchiumi, Yuki Abe, Michita Imai——Keio University, Japan

"Disentangled Motion Representation Learning for Video Encoding and Generation"