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Topics including but not limited to the following:

Ground,   Air, Surface and Underwater Autonomous Vehicles
Unmanned   Aerial Vehicles(UAVs), Micro Air Vehicles(MAVs), Unmanned Marine   Vehicles(UMVs), Underwater Vehicles(UVs),Air balloons and   blimps, Micro-satellite, Multi-agent systems, Autonomous Ground   Vehicles(UGVs), Blimps, Swarm intelligence, Autonomous Flying Robots(AFRs),   Flapping Robots(FRs),Satellite and spacecraft technologies,Missiles and   rocketry,Autonomous control of unmanned vehicles
Robotics  and Biomimetics 
Artificial   muscle actuators, Smart sensors, Design and applications of MEMS/NEMS,   Intelligent robot systems, Evolutionary algorithm, Control of biological   systems, Biological learning control systems, Neural networks,   Bioinformatics,Ground robotics
Control  and Computation
Distributed   and embedded systems, Embedded intelligent control, Complex systems,   Pervasive computing, Discrete event systems, Hybrid systems, Networked   control systems, Delay systems, Identification and estimation, Nonlinear   systems, Precision motion control, Control applications, Control engineering   education, Computer architecture & VLSI, Signal/Image and multimedia   processing, Software-enabled control, Real-time operating systems,   Architecture for autonomous systems, Software engineering for real-time   systems, Real-time data communications, Context-aware computing 
Control  and Computation of Intelligent Systems
Soft   computing, Ubiquitous computing, Distributed intelligence,   Distributed/decentralized intelligent control, Fuzzy systems, AI and expert   systems, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Wearable computers, Information   systems and retrieval, Knowledge engineering,Intelligent system applications   for unmanned vehicles,Swarm and multi-agent systems,Distributed and   coordinated control of multi vehicle systems,Biomimetic and biologically   inspired design of vehicles,Modelling and simulation technologies for unmanned   systems.
Sensors   and Actuators
Microsensors   and Microactuators
Design   and applications of MEM/NEMS
Simultaneous   Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)
Multi-agent   Systems
Agent-oriented   software engineering 
Cooperation   and coordination 
Distributed   problem solving 
Multi-agent   learning 
Swarm   and cooperative control
Artificial   Intelligence
Agent-based   and multiagent systems
AI   applications and innovations
Big data   capture, representation, and analytics
Cognitive   modeling and computer human interaction
Commonsense   reasoning
Computer   vision
Constraint   satisfaction, search, and optimisation
Data   mining and knowledge discovery
Education   and tutoring systems
Evolutionary   computation
Game   playing and interactive entertainment
Information   retrieval, integration, and extraction
Knowledge   acquisition and ontologies
Knowledge   maintenance
Knowledge   representation and reasoning
Linked   open data
Machine   learning
Model-based   systems
Multidisciplinary   AI
Natural   language processing
Planning   and scheduling
Uncertainty   in AI
Social   Intelligence
Semantic   Web
Text/Web/Internet   Mining

Best Reviewers

Dr. Guoyi Ke

Texas Tech University, USA

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Dr. Mohamed Arezki Mellal

M'Hamed Bougara University, Algeria



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Best Paper

Best paper

Name: Mr. Thanan Yomchinda

Title: A Method of Wind Velocity Estimation using a Tethered, Spherical Balloon with Standard Aviation Sensors

Affiliation: Defence Technology Institute (Public Organization), Thailand